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Janette Jara,

Owner & Lead Planner

My name is Janette Jara (soon to be Navarrete), I am a 30 year old latinx business owner. I have been working on weddings *technically* since 2012, but officially opened JJ the Wedding Planner in 2016! ⁣I have done a wide variety of weddings, from intimate 30 person backyard weddings, to LARGE multi-cultural 350+ person weddings and everything in between. ⁣I’ve been blessed to work with a variety of clients who quickly become good friends, that I continue to stay in touch with! ⁣JJ the Wedding Planner Podcast launched in August of 2020, and I look forward to reaching many more couples with my almost 8 years of experience in this industry!

Karen Moreno,

Lead Assistant

No matter what problem may come her way, Karen will always solve it and with a smile to boot! Being a full time educator has honed in her ability to juggle tasks, organize multiple schedules, and her ability to remain calm through any issue. She enjoys making time to help others through the stresses of event planning because she finds joy in making those memories with clients. Seeing the joy and lasting memories created from this is the reason why she loves working in events. Karen enjoys traveling, spending time with loved ones, and exploring new restaurants.

Lucia Napolez,

Podcast Producer

I’m Lucia Napolez, I currently reside in Southern California and I identify as a millennial. I graduated from San Diego State University in 2014 with two Bachelor of Art degrees and a minor in LGBT Studies. After graduation, I found employment at a marketing agency that focused on creating and implementing behavior change marketing campaigns for private and federal clients. The experience and knowledge learned in that role propelled me to pursue an entrepreneurial path with a small group of talented individuals in an emerging industry. Together, my teammates and I successfully created a technology start-up company that caught the attention of local angel investors who decided to fund our operations for two years.

In 2018, I stepped away from the business. Since then I have been investing both funds and time into developing my skillset in creating digital content for online distribution. I am passionate about learning how to use my knowledge and experience in communication and media to develop new creative projects and make connections.

Kendra Nones,

Client Relations

Hey, I’m Kendra! Just your normal, SoCal girl with big dreams here! I recently graduated college with a bachelors in nursing and plan on pursuing more in the future. But, before I go ahead of myself. Some of my current hobbies include crafting, gaming with friends, and spending time with my dog. I love learning and creating new things and I know through JJ the Wedding Planner I am able to do such things! I am grateful to be a part of the team that makes up JJ the Wedding Planner.

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